Environmental Policy

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If you are unable to use excess products on another project they may be recycled where facilities exist.

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Please recycle cardboard packaging, product guides and website printouts.

Reducing the burden on the environment is important to us.
  • At no stage in the manufacture of Rytons ventilators are CFC gases used or emitted into the atmosphere.
  • All Rytons vacuum-formed products i.e. Rytons Rafter Roll Ventilator (RRV250), Rytons Roof Ventilators (TV Range), Rytons Refurbishment Ventilator (RV600) and Rytons Periscope® Vertical Extension (PUFVVEXT) are manufactured from recycled materials.
  • Rytons AirCore® tubes and AirLiner® sleeves contain a percentage of recycled materials.
  • All Rytons ventilators are rot and corrosion proof and will outlast the structure into which they are built, making the need to replace and dispose of a failed ventilator virtually unnecessary.
  • Where possible product packaging is made of degradable, re-cycled cardboard and we always ensure we use the minimum packaging possible.
  • We do not produce a bulky brochure which can quickly become out-of-date.  Instead we have a library of individual Product Guides which are printed on-demand.  This allows us to quickly update information without waste.
  • Wherever possible we email product literature and refer customers to this technical website, which most prefer, as the information is instantly available.
  • Our offices are provided with recycling bins for paper, glass, tins and plastic bottles, which we dispose of at a local recycling centre.
  • We run our offices as efficiently as possible with attention to wasted energy in heating and lighting.
  • All cleaning materials bought are CFC free and environmentally sound cleaning agents are strongly recommended.