December 20, 2016

How to get good air quality for new builds in Scotland

It’s no surprise that ventilation (and lots of it) is the key to keeping new highly insulated properties free from damaging airborne pollutants and moisture.

However, ventilation rates set in the Technical Handbook 2016 are not insignificant figures and we know achieving them can be a challenge.

Here we share our recommendations for a successful ventilation formula that works for Scotland’s modern properties.

1. Start with through-window trickle vents
It’s unlikely that many habitable rooms will have windows big enough to accommodate vents for the room’s entire provision but providing the biggest vent possible is a great way to start.

2. Boost with adjustable through-wall vents
Make up the shortfall from the window vents with through-wall ventilation. Our background range offers a wide selection of sizes and styles, with many able to provide the ventilation deficit in a single unit.

3. Call us for help
Our technical sales team is always happy to answer any queries and discuss your background ventilation needs – call us on 01536 511874 or email

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NOTE: This information should be used in conjunction with the finer details contained within the Technical Handbook – Domestic.

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