DAMRYT – Rytons DamRyt® Air Brick Protector (9×3 Cover & Frame Set)

General Details

DAMRYT – Rytons DamRyt Air Brick Protector (9×3 Cover & Frame Set)

  • Low level air bricks are often the first point of entry for flood water which can surge through at an alarming rate.
  • Fitting Rytons DamRyt Air Brick Protectors to all low level air bricks, grilles and gratings will create a flood water barrier and prevent much of the destruction caused by sub-floor flooding.

“Buy specially designed covers that are easy to place over ventilation bricks.”
Environment Agency

  • Surface mounted cover and frame set to protect any 9″ x 3″ air brick, grille and grating from flooding.
  • Permanently fixed frame with a snap on cover that can be fitted in seconds.
  • Hidden seal inside the cover helps prevent water seepage.
  • Frame available in a choice of colours to complement external brickwork and render.
  • Red cover attracts attention and acts as a reminder to remove it when flood water has receded.
  • Colour matched frame allows your property to retain a normal appearance when not on flood alert.
  • Temporary cover allows necessary sub-floor ventilation in normal circumstances.
  • Frame manufactured from U.V. stabilised plastic to slow down the effects of sunlight.
  • Frame easily installed by an experienced DIYer.
  • Tell your insurer you have installed flood protection – it could help your premium.


  • Frame: 300mm L x 145mm H x 10mm D overall external.  240mm L x 86mm H internal aperture.  See image gallery above.
  • Cover: 305mm L x 162mm H overall external.  See image gallery above.


  • Terracotta frame (DAMRYTTC).
  • Buff/Sand frame (DAMRYTBS).


  • Frame: U.V. stabilised polypropylene.
  • Cover: Polypropylene.

Handling Information:

  • Each bagged set contains: 1no DamRyt Frame, 1no DamRyt Cover and fitting instructions.
  • Weight: 190gms.

Flood Advice:

  • For England and Wales visit the Environment Agency website here.
  • For Scotland visit the Scottish Environment Protection Agency website here.
Fitting Instruction Sheet

rytons damryt fitting guide

Installation Video