December 20, 2016

Reliable BBA Approved Products from Rytons

We are pleased to announce that we have just completed another successful round of British Board of Agrément (BBA) assessment and are heading into our next three year cycle of BBA Approved products.  This will take us to 30 years of continuous approvals – an achievement no other manufacturer can claim for these types of products.

Who are the BBA and what is BBA Approval?
The BBA is the UK’s major authority for the evaluation and certification of construction products.  For a manufacturer to achieve BBA Approval for a product, the product must go through rigorous laboratory tests, on-site evaluations and thorough manufacturing assessments.  If the product successfully meets all the criteria it is awarded an Agrément Certificate and BBA Approval.

Why is BBA product Approval so important?
Simply, BBA Approval is an independent assurance that a product will perform as the manufacturer claims it will.  The BBA’s reputation for robust testing gives specifiers, local authorities, house builders, the NHBC and others within the industry reassurance that a product is of a consistent quality, will perform and will last.  As the British Board of Agrément say “BBA products won’t let you down!”

Our current BBA Certificate (11/4866) covers Approvals for Rytons Slim Vent cavity ventilators, Rytweep and Retro Weep Vent weep hole ducts, Multifix Air Brick, Periscope sub-floor ventilator and louvre and hit & miss ventilators.  These products, unlike the majority of our range, are not governed by industry bodies and do not have specific testing requirements set out in Standards or Regulations.  Therefore, to give specifiers and users the utmost confidence in our products we believe it’s important to offer impartial evidence of their performance.

To find out more about our BBA Approved products and the tests and investigations the products undergo click here.

To find out more about the BBA click here.

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