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Background Ventilation : Good to Know
  • Our handy ventilation calculator will provide you with a total equivalent area requirement for any property using System 1 of the Building Regulations, Part F.  The calculation should then be used in conjunction with the finer details contained within Part F.
  • Background ventilators should be located in all rooms with external walls.  Once the total requirement has been calculated, at least 5000mm² equivalent area is required in each habitable room and 2500mm² equivalent area is required in each wet room.
  • Background ventilators should be sited to avoid draughts.  This can typically be achieved at a position of 1.7m above floor level.
  • We are always happy to assist you with product selections, call our technical team on 01536 511874 for advice.
  • Do you have acoustic issues?  We have a comprehensive range of acoustic ventilators available for sites and properties with noise problems.
Make a Calculation:
Total Floor Area (m2):   
Dwelling Type:    Single-storey located up to and including the fourth storey above ground level
Multi-storey, and single-storey located more than four storeys above ground level
No. of Bedrooms:   
Design Air Permeability:    Type A: Any design air permeability
Type B: Design air permeability leakier than 5m3/h.m2 at 50 Pa
Facades:    Single facade (one exposed facade only)
Multiple facades (two or more exposed facades)

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