Questions & Answers

Which way up should a louvre vent be fitted?
A good rule of thumb is to keep the embossed writing on the vent the right way up (this is especially important when fitting a vent outside).

Is it possible to adapt a 6” dia. fan to 4” dia. ducting?
We always recommend matching the size of the ducting to the size of the fan outlet as reducers can have a negative effect on the performance of the fan.

Are your grilles imported?
No, for the best in quality we are proud to manufacture all our grilles here in Britain.

How do you stop weep holes becoming blocked during rendering?
Rytons Rytweep has a purpose made render protector available (DAMWEEP).  A simple plug design, it’s simply inserted into the Rytweep during construction and removed after rendering.  Made from durable plastic, it can be used over and over again.

I have a cavity wall 600mm wide, do you have an extension for the LookRyt AirCore and will it have an effect the equivalent area of the vent?
A connector is available for the AirCore onto which you can attach an additional tube to achieve the extension you require.  Extending the AirCore significantly may alter the equivalent area as air travels better across shorter distances. To compensate for any loss of airflow you may wish to choose a vent with a greater equivalent area than you need.

Do you do an underfloor ventilator for a 9×6 air brick?
Our cranked style (z shape) Periscope Underfloor Ventilator is designed for use with our 9×3 Multifix Air Brick.  There would be no benefit in making a unit to accommodate a Rytons 9×6 air brick as the increased air flow from the larger brick would be restricted by the size constraints of the vertical cavity sleeve (which has to fit in a standard cavity wall).  A vent with a 9×6 air brick would therefore be unable to provide significantly more ventilation than that of a 9×3 Multifix Air Brick.

We’ve forgotten to include background ventilation in a new apartment block; do you do retro-fit room vents to Part F?
We have a wide range of retro-fit background room vents, including acoustic options, to meet Part F requirements.  See Rytons Controllable LookRyt AirCore range for the different options available.