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Direct Ventilation – 5 Easy Steps to get it Right

There has been some discussion over recent years about the suitability of direct ventilation as an exclusive air supply for stoves. Here we have pleasure in updating you on the current best practice with five easy steps that will make installing and commissioning a direct air supply go smoothly, will meet Regulations and will have [...]

1972-2017 A brief look at our first 45 years

We first began manufacturing Rytons Slim Vent Minor and Rytons Slim Vent Major cavity ventilators. We educated the industry on the benefits of ventilation. Our operations were from a small office and garage facility in Purley, Surrey. Having re-located to Kettering, product ranges exploded during the 1980s, establishing Rytons as a leading ventilation manufacturer in [...]

Using flyscreen mesh – three things to remember

Flyscreen mesh can be a very convenient accessory for protecting all sorts of odd little gaps in a building.  It’s extremely useful behind cladding where screening is required to prevent critter infestation via the ventilation gap, and it is widely used in roofs to protect all manner of openings from birds and insects. One of [...]

Three Decades of BBA Approval

We were delighted to welcome John Palethorpe, Area Business Manager for the British Board of Agrément, to our offices recently for the official presentation of our latest BBA Certificate. This certificate represents another successful round of BBA assessment for Rytons and will take us to 30 years of continuous approvals – a fantastic achievement no [...]

Finding the perfect stove ventilator

Getting to the part where you actually install the stove vent can be a challenging process.  First there’s satisfying the regulations, second there’s satisfying the customer! Satisfying the regulations by working out the ventilation requirement for a stove is relatively straightforward using our online ventilation calculators for solid fuel stoves and open fires.  Satisfying the [...]

Make sure your roof can breathe

It’s winter.  It’s cold.  But at least you know your roof is cosy with all those inches of cushiony insulation keeping that expensive warm air from escaping into the wintery atmosphere, right?  Great!  Now how much outside air do you have coming in to the roof?  Wherever there is insulation, there has to be ventilation.  [...]