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Rytons A1® Range Updated for New Building Safety Bill

There’s a dramatic new look to Rytons A1® Fire-rated Range on our website at  Not only are there new images and special effects, but also new product categories and new product launches - take a look! With the Building Safety Bill now law in England, there is a new requirement for non-combustible products in [...]

Patent Approval Granted to Rytons Metal Rytweep®

We are delighted to announce that Rytons A1® Fire-rated Metal Rytweep® (RYTWEA1METAL) has received Patent Approval (reference GB1916812.9).  This means that after thorough searches and investigations by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), Rytons A1® Fire-rated Metal Rytweep® is accredited as a new and inventive product for the construction industry, being the first diecast zinc cavity [...]

Colour Matched Air Bricks for Glazed Ceramic Bricks

With a high gloss finish and vivid colour range available, the use of glazed bricks and glazed brick slips can create striking feature walls on a wide variety of buildings - from housing to schools, supermarkets to football stadiums. The ceramic coating of a glazed brick brings a unique surface shine to a wall, giving [...]

Rytons 50 Golden Years

2022 marks a very special milestone for Rytons – it’s our 50th Anniversary. At the heart of Rytons are its family ties, and we are pleased to share how Rytons has been a family business for three generations. The first generation … In 1972 William Irwin and his wife Beatrice formed Ryton’s Ventilation Equipment Ltd, [...]

No Need to Fake Weeps

“Fake weep vents.  Doesn’t seem to be a snagging list without them.  Seem to be finding this every day now.” Says the commentary in this video from the On The Tools YouTube channel. Aside from the woeful lack of skill and knowledge of the Building Regulations shown by the bricklayer by not fitting weep vents, [...]

5 Things to Know About Rytons Metal Air Bricks

Rytons A1® Fire-rated Air Bricks are single, double and triple size galvanised steel air bricks.  Available in three styles - Return Grille, Square Holed and FlowRyt® - each air brick provides a high air flow whilst maintaining low resistance.  Fire classification A1 they are suitable for use in the external walls of high-rise buildings with [...]