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Remediating Plastic HVAC Ducting Without Internal Access

As part of the remediation of unsafe cladding on relevant buildings 11m+/5 storeys in height, any plastic HVAC supply and extract ductwork forming part of the external wall must be replaced with a compliant non-combustible system to A1 or A2-s1, d0 classification. However, replacing the ductwork can be complex if there is no access to [...]

Good to Know: Fire Safety – Not Just a High-rise Issue

The 2018 update to the Building Regulations Approved Document B: Fire Safety, was a high-profile regulatory reform, which introduced the use of non-combustible materials in the external walls of relevant high-rise buildings over 18m in height. Less well known, however, is the 2022 update to Table 10.1 of the regulations, which imposed new fire performance [...]

The Golden Thread: Safeguarding Higher-risk Buildings

The introduction of a golden thread for higher-risk residential buildings is part of the Building Safety Act for England. Each building is required to have a golden thread to provide a single source of information for dutyholders to understand the building and the steps needed to keep the building and its occupants safe. Created at [...]

Product of the Month: April 2024

- Rytons External Weather Louvres - Made-to-measure from galvanised steel and available with or without mesh screening, Rytons A1® Fire-rated External Weather Louvres allow air to flow efficiently into or out of a building or HVAC system. With an A1 fire rating, these heavy duty air intake and exhaust grilles are suitable for use in [...]

Product of the Month: March 2024

- Rytons A1® Fire-rated Range - Fire-safe ventilation for multi-storey buildings The Rytons A1® Fire-rated Range is the UK's most comprehensive collection of A1 classified, non-combustible HVAC ducting kits, air bricks, cavity weep hole ducts, external weather louvres, cavity liners and compartment ducts. With hundreds of fully customisable lines available, it's easy to find products [...]

Product of the Month: February 2024

- Rytons Direct Ventilation Kits - Stove ventilation without room ventilation Eliminate the need for a stove ventilator in the room with Rytons Direct Ventilation Kits.  A popular and convenient method of ventilating a stove, direct air kits draw combustion air in from the outside via a grille and semi-rigid aluminium duct, which feeds directly [...]