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PREVIEW: Product of the Month: March 2024

- Rytons A1® Fire-rated Range - Fire-safe ventilation for multi-storey buildings The Rytons A1® Fire-rated Range is the UK's most comprehensive collection of A1 classified, non-combustible HVAC ducting kits, air bricks, cavity weep hole ducts, external weather louvres, cavity liners and compartment ducts. With hundreds of fully customisable lines available, it's easy to find products [...]

Product of the Month: February 2024

- Rytons Direct Ventilation Kits - Stove ventilation without room ventilation Eliminate the need for a stove ventilator in the room with Rytons Direct Ventilation Kits.  A popular and convenient method of ventilating a stove, direct air kits draw combustion air in from the outside via a grille and semi-rigid aluminium duct, which feeds directly [...]

Product of the Month: January 2024

- Rytons Bespoke Metal Services - Custom-made decorative grilles, air bricks, ducting kits and more Rytons LVSPECIAL Service Investment in tooling and laser cutting technology enables us to work with you to produce unique louvre grilles, adjustable grilles and decorative cover grilles in high-quality metal.  Whether you have a design or just an idea, our [...]

Product of the Month: December 2023

- Rytons RytDuct Range - Mechanical supply and extract ventilation Ducting, bends, connectors, and more - Rytons stock an extensive range of plastic flat channel ducting, circular ducting, external grilles and components for use with the most popular HVAC and MVHR systems and extract fans.  For high-rise and higher-risk buildings requiring A1 classified, non-combustible ducting, [...]

Temporary Site Protection for Cavity Weeps and Vents

Protect Rytons cavity weep hole ducts and cavity ventilators from the entry of dust, debris and render during construction with Rytons DamRyt range of temporary site protection units. Rytons DAMWEEP protects the weep outlet of Rytons Rytweep® while Rytons DAMSLIMVENT protects the vent/weep opening of Rytons Slim Vent® Minor SVMIN and Flyscreened Slim Vent® Minor [...]

Rytons A1SPECIAL Bespoke Plenum Manufacturing Service

Balconies, window bulkheads and other obstacles can make transitioning air bricks to HVAC supply and extract ducting challenging during the construction and refurbishment of high-rise buildings. In these complex situations, Rytons bespoke plenum manufacturing service allows you to work with our expert design and fabrication teams to produce custom A1 classified metal adaptors, connectors and [...]