Regulations: Open Fire Ventilation in Scotland

Open fires require a considerable amount of air to burn safely and efficiently.  Under-ventilating produces incomplete combustion resulting in the production of carbon monoxide, plus the spillage of smoke and fumes into the room.  For your convenience, we have created an open fire ventilation calculator (see below) and outlined extracts from the following regulations:
  • Building Standards Technical Handbook 2020 – Domestic.

  • For detailed guidance, refer to the full version of the Technical Handbook linked here.
Building Standards Scotland Technical Handbook – Domestic
Mandatory Standard 3.21 Combustion appliances – air for combustion

Every building must be designed and constructed in such a way that each fixed combustion appliance installation receives air for combustion and operation of the chimney so that the health of persons within the building is not threatened by the build-up of dangerous gases as a result of incomplete combustion.

3.21.1 Supply of air for combustion generally

Ventilators for combustion should be located so that occupants are not provoked into sealing them against draughts and noise… Air vents should not be located within a fireplace recess except on the basis of specialist advice.  Noise attenuated ventilators may be needed in certain circumstances.

3.21.2 Supply of air for combustion to solid fuel appliances

A solid fuel appliance installed in a room or space should have a supply of air for combustion by way of permanent ventilation either direct to the open air or to an adjoining space (including a sub-floor space) that is itself permanent ventilated direct to the open air.  An air supply should be provided in accordance with the following table:

Make an open fire ventilation calculation
Appliance Type:   
Flue or Throat Shape:    Rectangular Flue or Throat
Circular Flue or Throat
Flue or Throat Size:
  mm Wide x mm Deep

General notes:

  • This calculation assumes the air vent will be in the same room as the open fire and positioned to access directly to the outside.
  • Rytons AirCore and AirLiner ventilation sets feature anti-draught systems to promote a comfortable environment in the room.  Achieve further draught protection by placing the air vent close to the appliance or at a high level close to the ceiling.
  • Rytons through-wall stove ventilators are HETAS Approved for use with solid fuel, wood and bio-mass appliances.
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