November 2, 2015

3 Easy Steps to Acoustic Background Venting

We understand how working out background ventilation requirements for properties with acoustic issues can be a juggling act between satisfying the acoustic requirements and providing sufficient ventilation to fulfil the Building Regulations.

To help simplify this task we have created the following 3 step plan which aims to get you from acoustic report to product detailing quickly and easily.  All services are provided free of charge without obligation.

1. Email a copy of the site acoustic report to our technical team at  We will evaluate the report and send you an assessment of which products from our acoustic ventilation range will satisfy the requirements of your property or properties.

2. Use our online background ventilation calculator, or ask our technical team, to determine the total background ventilation requirement of your property or properties.

3. Ask our technical team for advice on which of our acoustic background ventilators would fulfil both the acoustic and background ventilation requirements of the property or properties.

Good to know:

  • All Rytons Acoustic Background Ventilators provide in excess of the 5000mm² threshold required by Part F, which allows the number of units used in a property to be kept to a minimum.
  • All Rytons Acoustic Background Ventilators feature a fully adjustable vent on the inside allowing the occupier to regulate the airflow in each habitable room.
  • All Rytons Acoustic Background Ventilators are independently tested by the BRE for both acoustic performance and equivalent area; your assurance that the figures are accurate and verifiable.
  • Ventilating a property using System 1: ‘Background ventilators and intermittent extract fans’ is cost effective to buy. The running and maintenance amounts are very low so it is less likely to be tampered with by the occupants.
  • NBS Plus specifications are available to cut and paste straight into your documentation from our technical product pages.

See our full Background Room Ventilators guide here.

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