July 3, 2020

5 Tips for Improved Ventilation After Lockdown

From Saturday 4 July 2020, many businesses in England which haven’t been able to open for months can welcome customers back again.  With correct social distancing measures, PPE and cleaning operations in place, hair salons, B&Bs, hotels, holiday cottages, restaurants, pubs and cafes can once again open their doors.  At home, two households of any size may also meet indoors or outside (not including those ‘shielding’).

Key steps for a successful next phase of openings include:

  • avoiding face-to-face seating by changing office layouts
  • reducing the number of people in enclosed spaces
  • improving ventilation
  • using protective screens and face coverings
  • closing non-essential social spaces
  • providing hand sanitiser
  • changing shift patterns so that staff work in set teams

Here are our top tips for improving ventilation:

1:  Familiarise yourself with your ventilation system.  Is it mechanical or non-mechanical?  Does it contain filters that require cleaning or replacing?  Does it require an annual service?

2:  Check the vents.  Room side, non-mechanical ventilators, such as those manufactured by Rytons, can be gently wiped down with a cloth and warm water (you’ll be amazed how grimy they can get).  You could even get the vacuum out and use a small attachment to carefully pick up any dust and cobwebs, for clean and clear grilles.

3:  Make sure there’s no vegetation or landscaping blocking vents externally.  If possible, wipe down the external grilles occasionally to remove dust and debris.

4:  Boost or introduce ventilation into a room by retrofitting a new through-wall ventilator or window trickle ventilator.

5:  Make sure the vents are open and periodically check them to make sure they remain open.

For more ventilation help and advice contact our technical sales office on 01536 511874 or email admin@rytons.com.

Rytons is proud to be a family run business and British manufacturer since 1972.

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