January 20, 2022

Colour Matched Air Bricks for Glazed Ceramic Bricks

With a high gloss finish and vivid colour range available, the use of glazed bricks and glazed brick slips can create striking feature walls on a wide variety of buildings – from housing to schools, supermarkets to football stadiums.

The ceramic coating of a glazed brick brings a unique surface shine to a wall, giving it a very distinctive look.  However, this can make the introduction of air bricks and grilles visually tricky as, without precise colour matching, they will detract from the aesthetic appearance.

Using laser colour mapping technology, Rytons A1 Special Production Service can create precisely colour matched air bricks, grilles, and vents for use with ceramic glazed bricks.  Taking a sample brick, we work with a specialist company that scan the glaze and manufacture a unique batch of paint for powder coating.  This custom paint is then used by our expert powder coaters to produce ventilation grilles that complement the ceramic glazed brickwork.

For high rise buildings with a storey above 18m (11m in Scotland), the powder coating for Rytons air bricks for glazed ceramic bricks will achieve the A2-s1, d0 standard, as required by Building Regulations and Building Standards.

Below is an example of Rytons A1 Fire-rated Metal Square Holed Single Air Brick with fire-rated powder coating laser colour matched to a green ceramic glazed brick.

For further information or to discuss colour matching air bricks to ceramic glazed bricks, call our technical sales team on 01536 511874 or email admin@rytons.com.

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