August 19, 2015

Finally! Ventilation that Looks Right

A new, innovative solution to disguising unsightly, draughty room ventilators is here!

Rytons LookRyt AirCore Ventilators are a fantastic new range of 125mm dia. core ventilators.  Each LookRyt AirCore set features a new internal LookRyt panel, uniquely designed with a face plate suitable for wallpapering or painting in any colour for a discrete appearance.

The revolutionary design of Rytons LookRyt panels has angled openings around the rear of a flat face plate.  This gives a multi-directional air flow allowing air to disperse evenly into the room – a fantastic improvement on the look and performance of standard grilles.

There are eight new LookRyt AirCore Ventilators with fixed open louvre panels for ventilating boilers, stoves and fires and a further eight sets with a controllable panel for adjustable background room ventilation to meet Part F of the Building Regulations.

There really is nothing else like this on the market!

Check out our feature video below

rytons airflow calculator for stoves open fires gas fires

First published on Rytons Blog 20.09.2012

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