August 20, 2015

Increased Window Vent Range

Control, dilute and remove excess moisture and airborne pollutants from habitable rooms and wet rooms with our brand new and best ever range of window trickle ventilators.  Just launched, these new window vents are available in three sizes and complement our extensive range of through-wall vents perfectly for a great choice of background room ventilators.

Quickly and easily fitted by surface mounting over milled out slots in the window frame, our new range of window ventilators are ideal for refurbishment projects as well as new builds.  With high equivalent areas of up to 5000mm², ventilation requirements may be met with a single vent in some rooms enabling the quantity of vents used to be kept to a minimum.

Window trickle vents are a simple method of introducing fresh air into a room and are a great way of boosting inadequate ventilation with little disturbance to the property.  Suitable for use in PVCu, timber or aluminium windows the two part canopy and vent set can be fitted on the sash, frame or overhead section.

Featuring an easily adjustable internal vent the amount of ventilation provided to the room is fully controlled by the occupant.  From a closed position the smooth hinge action of the vent easily adjusts to varying opening positions, allowing the internal atmosphere to be regulated as required.

Available in two colours (brown and white), and with a curved profile, our new window trickle ventilators provide a pleasing appearance inside and out.

View Rytons New Window Trickle Ventilator range here.

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First published on Rytons Blog 24.01.2014

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