August 17, 2015

Natural Background Ventilation

Natural background ventilation is a concept that has been around for thousands of years originating from Middle Eastern architecture.

After the Second World War mechanical ventilation systems began to boom in the UK.  However in recent years sustainable designs have become more popular among architects and this is clearly apparent in modern schools and office buildings.

Natural building ventilation has been proven to reduce the effects of Sick Building Syndrome (see the National Health Service official web page on Sick Building Syndrome here), with improved attendance rates and better concentration levels of the buildings occupants.

A selection of natural background vents

Hybrid systems that use a combination of mechanical fan assistance and natural background ventilation are more energy efficient than HVAC systems alone.  They also offer reduced construction costs and reduced maintenance costs.  This can lead to a considerable cost saving over the life of the building.

When taking into consideration the cost saving benefits, health rewards and reduced impact on the environment, natural building ventilation should be the natural choice.

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First published on Rytons Blog 31.01.2012

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