August 20, 2015

New Guide to Simplify Venting Gas Appliances

Ventilation is paramount to the safe operation of a gas appliance.  However, searching through regulations and standards to work out those venting requirements can be a time consuming task.

To make life easier, we’ve put together a handy guide sheet that will help you work out an accurate venting figure in just a few easy steps.

  • Use the guide to conform to the latest regulations with extracts from the Building Regulations Part J and British Standards.
  • Use the guide to save yourself time and get the right results for popular appliance installations.
  • Use the guide to answer some of the most asked questions about venting gas appliances.
  • Open the guide here and print out a copy for yourself and your colleagues.

To view our wide range of gas appliance ventilators click here or download our newly updated Boiler, Stove & Fire Ventilators brochure here – new guide sheet included!

If you missed our step by step guide to venting solid fuel appliances, download a copy here.

First published on Rytons Blog 11.06.2014

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