January 7, 2022

Rytons 50 Golden Years

2022 marks a very special milestone for Rytons – it’s our 50th Anniversary.

At the heart of Rytons are its family ties, and we are pleased to share how Rytons has been a family business for three generations.

The first generation …

In 1972 William Irwin and his wife Beatrice formed Ryton’s Ventilation Equipment Ltd, operating out of a small office and garage storage space in Purley, Surrey.  Ryton’s had developed the first-ever dedicated cavity vents, the Slim Vent® Minor and Slim Vent® Major, at a time when modern methods of construction meant efficient cavity ventilation was becoming crucial in the prevention of condensation.  Architects and contractors quickly saw the benefits of this pioneering method of ensuring neat and effective cavity ventilation, and a new industry standard for using preformed perpend vents was born.  Sadly, William died in Ryton’s early years, however, Beatrice continued to successfully run the company until 1982, when it was taken over by their eldest son Roger Irwin.

The second generation …

In 1982 Roger and his wife Jackie, a fellow Director, relocated the company to Kettering, Northamptonshire, renting a small office and stock room.  In the beginning, Jackie ran the office processing orders and sending out company information, whilst Roger had a day job as an accountant, working long into the evenings on plans to expand the business.  It wasn’t long before Roger left accounting to concentrate on Rytons full time (although his job remained open for him, he never went back).

The next two and a half decades saw the company (now named Rytons Building Products Ltd) grow exponentially.  Moving to purpose-built office and warehouse spaces, developing a full product range, investing in manufacturing, securing stockists, growing admin, sales, and marketing teams, becoming a market leader and trusted name for quality natural ventilation products in the UK.

The third generation …

In 2007, Rytons was pleased to welcome in the third generation, Anthony Irwin, as Sales Manager.  New to this role but certainly not new to the company, Anthony had worked ad-hoc for as long as he could remember earning money packing boxes during school holidays.  Anthony brought in fresh ideas for product development such as Rytons LookRyt® Range and has driven the company forward in the expansion of metal fabrication with Rytons A1® Fire-rated Range.  Appointed as Company Director in 2012, and Managing Director this year, Anthony runs the company, developing new and exciting products for future generations, in the hope that one day his own children will make the fourth generation.

What happened to those original two products?

We are happy to report that Rytons Slim Vent® Minor and Rytons Slim Vent® Major still form part of our cavity vents range today, a true testament to the original idea.

“Rytons 50th Anniversary is a very special occasion for our family, but none of the above would have happened without the support of our loyal staff and customers, we thank you.” Anthony Irwin.

Rytons is proud to be a family run business and British manufacturer since 1972
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