November 3, 2023

Rytons A1® Non-combustible Ducting Kits for Precast Wall Panels

Modular building using precast concrete walling is a long-established construction method.  As a building material, concrete is non-combustible, cost-effective, durable and low maintenance.  Combine this with the efficiency of off-site precasting and fast on-site assembly, and it’s clear why precast concrete walls and cladding are used to construct multi-storey apartment buildings, student accommodation blocks, hotels, prisons and more.

During manufacture, concrete panels and cladding can be precast with facing bricks, brick slips and tiles for an architectural finish.  Panels can also have windows, insulation, and HVAC ducting pre-installed to save time during construction.

Rytons has extensive experience working with designers and leading precast concrete companies, planning, manufacturing and delivering A1 fire-rated, non-combustible metal ducting kits for precast wall panels of high-rise buildings.

Our wide range of tailor-made A1 classified round and rectangular metal ducting kits are compatible with the most widely used MVHR systems and extract ducting.  Plus, our bespoke design service can help create custom ducting kits for unique installations.

As standard, Rytons A1® Fire-rated Ducting Kits come with the unrivalled benefits of sealed joints, custom lengths and any RAL Classic colour air brick.

For precasting, we carry out an extra process of riveting the air brick to the plenum adaptor to ensure it holds position during casting.

Sample pre-cast wall panel containing Rytons A1® Fire-rated Return Grille Triple Soldier Air Bricks

Images courtesy of O’Mahony Pike Architects

Sample precast wall panel containing Rytons A1® Fire-rated Return Grille Triple Air Brick

Image courtesy of F P McCann

For further information or to discuss your A1 classified ducting kits for concrete precasting requirements, call our technical sales team on 01536 511874 or email

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