CV60FWBG – Rytons RytAround Ventilator (156mm External Dia.)

General Details

CV60FWBG – Rytons RytAround Ventilator (156mm External Dia.)

  • Circular louvre grille with spring clips and removable flyscreen.
  • Spring clips clamp into tubes and holes any size from 100mm to 150mm diameter.
  • Suitable for internal and external use.
  • Note: Not suitable for use in relevant buildings with a storey 18m or more above ground level, where fire-rated materials are a requirement.  Use Rytons A1 fire-rated single air brick and double air brick ventilators and ducting kits as an alternative.
  • Inverted fixed open louvres allow a high air flow and flush finish.
  • Suitable for use with cooker hoods and extraction fans with a maximum output of 750m³ per hour.
  • U.V. stabilised to slow down the effects of sunlight.
  • Louvre ventilators with flyscreens must not be used to supply combustion and cooling air to boilers, stoves and fires.


  • 156mm overall external diameter (see image gallery above).
  • CAD drawing available by email.

Free Area:

  • Maximum air flows dependant on type/thickness of tube:
  • 100mm (4″) Diameter: 4,873mm² (48.73cm²) per unit without flyscreen / 2,912mm² (29.12cm²) per unit with flyscreen.
  • 125mm (5″) Diameter: 7,618mm² (76.18cm²) per unit without flyscreen / 4,641mm² (46.41cm²) per unit with flyscreen.
  • 150mm (6″) Diameter: 8,900mm² (89cm²) per unit without flyscreen / 6,062mm² (60.62cm²) per unit with flyscreen.



  • U.V. stabilised high impact polystyrene.


  • Important: The flyscreen MUST be removed if the grille is supplying combustion and cooling air to a boiler, stove or fire. Remove flyscreen if not required. Carefully fix metal spring clips into the back of the louvre. Position clips inside tube or hole and push firmly until louvre is flush with brickwork or inside face. We recommend you mastic around the inside edge of the louvre for extra adhesion to brickwork (especially with 150mm (6″) diameter tubes and holes).

Handling Information:

  • Box quantity: 20 number.
  • Box size: 35cm W x 26cm H x 23cm D.
  • Box weight: 1.95kg.

Reference Material:

  • The Building Regulations, Approved Document J.
  • The Building (Scotland) Regulations, Mandatory Standard 3.21.
  • The Building Regulations (Northern Ireland), Technical Booklet L.
  • British Standard BS 5440-2.
  • For venting decorative fuel effect gas fires refer to British Standard BS 5871-3.