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February 7, 2017

Finding the Perfect Stove Ventilator

Getting to the part where you actually install the stove vent can be a challenging process.  First there’s satisfying the regulations, second there’s satisfying the customer! Satisfying the regulations by working out the ventilation requirement for a stove is relatively straightforward using our online ventilation calculators for solid fuel stoves and open fires.  Satisfying the [...]
Boiler, Stove & Fire Ventilation News
August 20, 2015

New Mini Vent Prevents Unnecessary Heat Loss

One of the main attractions of stoves 5kW and under and gas fires 7kW and under is that they can be installed in many properties without the need for additional ventilation. However, in more energy efficient homes built during or after 2008, even low kilowatt appliances require a dedicated air supply calculated from 1kW.  With [...]
Boiler, Stove & Fire Ventilation News