February 7, 2017

Finding the Perfect Stove Ventilator

Getting to the part where you actually install the stove vent can be a challenging process.  First there’s satisfying the regulations, second there’s satisfying the customer!

Satisfying the regulations by working out the ventilation requirement for a stove is relatively straightforward using our online ventilation calculators for solid fuel stoves and open fires.  Satisfying the customer AND the regulations can be a bit more involved.

For many customers having a stove installed is not just about buying the stove.  It’s also an opportunity to refurbish, or at least re-decorate, the room it’s going into.  This will inevitably lead to many, many hours of research on home decoration and they will already have an expectation of exactly how the room will look and feel when it’s finished.  Now mention putting in the vent and you may be faced with a customer who has very clear views on exactly what vents they won’t have and where they won’t have them – even though you have a legal and moral obligation to meet the regulations.  Most people are aware that sufficient and efficient ventilation is a key safety feature to having a stove and we are confident that the Rytons range will satisfy the regulations AND the customer.

The most popular style of vent for stoves is our HETAS Approved LookRyt AirCore range.  Available in 5” and mini 3” diameter models, there are several options to choose from including some with baffles to reduce light and draughts and also acoustic linings to reduce noise transfer.  No matter the style all feature the unique draught-reducing LookRyt panel that homeowners love as it may be painted and wallpapered to virtually disappear into the surrounding décor.

Direct Ventilation Kits may also be a viable option for some installations.  This is very much dependent on the property, style of the stove and whether the stove manufacturer supplies specific instructions for its use, but there are properties and stoves suitable for this venting option which takes the vent out of the room altogether.

In your quest to satisfy everyone, finding one manufacturer with an extensive range of HETAS approved, customer-friendly vents can make the task a lot easier.

For more advice on using Rytons vents call our technical sales office on 01536 511874.

Paint or wallpaper the LookRyt panel

Direct Ventilation Kits may be an option

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