March 5, 2019

Cavity Weeps, See the Clear Favourite for over 20 Years

Rytons Rytweep Clear is a virtually invisible cavity weep hole duct.  It has been the clear choice for house builders for more than 20 years and now has more national trade specifications than ever.

It’s the crystal-like quality of the Rytweep Clear that makes it unique and the preferred weep of so many national house builders and brick workers.

Blending flawlessly with any colour brickwork or mortar, every house type is able to use the same weep which reduces waste, saving money and the environment.  Plus, no one has to think about colour splits.

Get the Rytweep Clear quickly and easily from our network of national merchants and independent distributors.  Carrying large stocks they are able to fulfil your requirements, big or small, without delay.

For further information, including stockist details, please contact our sales office on 01536 511874.

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