December 13, 2021

No Need to Fake Weeps

“Fake weep vents.  Doesn’t seem to be a snagging list without them.  Seem to be finding this every day now.” Says the commentary in this video from the On The Tools YouTube channel.

Aside from the woeful lack of skill and knowledge of the Building Regulations shown by the bricklayer by not fitting weep vents, it’s the attempted cover-up of the issue with fake weeps that could do the most damage.

Left without weep vents, the issue could have been spotted and easily rectified by installing retrofit weep vents.  However, fake weeps could go undiscovered, leaving the property without outlets to drain water from the cavity.  This water could subsequently transfer to the inner leaf and cause damp, a much bigger issue requiring remedial work.

Rytons Retro Weep Vent (RTV250CL) is the ideal solution when no provision has been made for cavity weep vents.  Quick and easy to install, the round weep vent is simply push fitted through a 25mm dia. drilled hole.  A neutral clear colour, it suits any colour brickwork or mortar.

For further information or to discuss your weep vent requirements, call our technical sales team on 01536 511874 or email

Push fit through a pre-drilled hole

Flange covers drilling for a neat appearance

Part of Rytons cavity weep vent range


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