RD46REDUC – Rytons 150mm to 100mm Reducer (150mm/100mm Range)

General Details

RD46REDUC – Rytons 150mm to 100mm Reducer (150mm/100mm Range)

  • Reduces 150mm dia. ducting to fit 100mm dia. components.
  • 100mm dia. male spigot with 150mm dia. female collar.
  • Use RD6CONN to connect 150mm collar to 150mm dia. Rigid Pipe RD636RND.
  • 100mm spigot compatible with 100mm Dia. Rigid Pipe RD4/RND and suits 100mm dia. RytHose range (or use RD4HCF).
  • Use with adaptor RD4FR to connect to 110mm x 54mm Flat Channel Duct RD4/M.
  • For use with extract and Mechanical Heat Recovery systems.
  • Suitable for operating temperatures -15ºC to 60ºC.

Compatible Components:

  • Rytons Pipe/Hose Connector RD6CONN.
  • Rytons Threaded Hose Connector (Female) RD4HCF.
  • Rytons PVC 100mm Diameter RytHose Range.
  • Rytons Fire Resistant RytHose FAD410M.
  • Rytons Flat Channel Horizontal Adaptor RD4FR.


  • Male spigot: 100mm Ext. Dia. x 22mm D.
  • Female collar: 150mm Int. Dia. x 22mm D.
  • See image gallery above.

Free Area:

  • 7,298mm² (72.98cm²) per unit.

Static Pressure Drops in Pascals (Pa):

  • 8 l/s: 0.40.
  • 13 l/s: 0.80.
  • 21 l/s: 2.00.
  • 30 l/s: 3.85.
  • 60 l/s: 15.40.
  • 120 l/s: 56.00.


  • White high impact polystyrene.
  • Manufactured in compliance with Domestic Plastic Ductwork Specification DW/154.
  • Meets UL94 HB flammability standard.

Handling Information:

  • Weight: 60gms.

NBS Specification: