DAMWEEP – Rytons DamRyt® Rytweep® Protector

General Details

DAMWEEP – Rytons DamRyt Rytweep Protector

  • Render and flood protector for Rytons Rytweep.
  • Fit before rendering to prevent the outlet becoming blocked.
  • Prepare for flooding by fitting when on flood alert.
  • Alleviates the time consuming task of finding and cleaning out weeps after rendering.
  • Minimises much of the damage caused by flood water entering through the cavity.
  • Quick and simple to fit with no fixing tools necessary.
  • Flange aids correct positioning and helps prevent seepage.
  • Specially shaped handgrip helps achieve a tight fit on installation and easy removal after use.
  • Made from durable material for use time and time again.
  • Tell your insurer you have Rytweep flood protectors – it could help your premium.
  • Design Registration No. 4018319.


  • 35mm L (15mm L plug with 18.5mm L handgrip) x 10mm Dia. flange (see image gallery above).
  • CAD drawing available by email.


  • Black.


  • Thermoplastic vulcanizate.


  • With the handgrip in a vertical position firmly push the plug end into the Rytweep aperture until the round flange is tight against the edge.
  • Removal after rendering: As the render starts to set carefully remove all DamRyt Rytweep Protectors, wipe clean and store for future use.
  • Removal after flooding: Once flood water has receded remove all DamRyt Rytweep Protectors, wipe clean and store for future use.

Handling Information:

  • Weight: 1gm.

Flood Advice:

  • For England and Wales visit the Environment Agency website here.
  • For Scotland visit the Scottish Environment Protection Agency website here.