November 28, 2023

Product of the Month: December 2023

– Rytons RytDuct Range –

Mechanical supply and extract ventilation

Ducting, bends, connectors, and more – Rytons stock an extensive range of plastic flat channel ducting, circular ducting, external grilles and components for use with the most popular HVAC and MVHR systems and extract fans.  For high-rise and higher-risk buildings requiring A1 classified, non-combustible ducting, custom-made metal alternatives are available.

Rytons plastic ducting …

Rectangular ducting is available in 110mm x 54mm, 204mm x 60mm and 220mm x 90mm sizes.  Round ducting is available in 100mm diameter, 125mm diameter and 150mm diameter options.  There is also a wide range of bends and connectors to extend, adapt and change the direction of the ducting, allowing flexibility during design and installation.

Externally, choose from a selection of air bricks and grilles.  Rytons Multifix® Air Brick with Flat Channel Adaptor has a full-size external air brick offering exceptional strength and rigidity.  The air brick also features water baffles for protection against water transfer, has U.V. protection to slow down the effects of sunlight and is available in seven colours to match brickwork and maintain the aesthetic appearance.

For fault-free commissioning, detail every duct, bend and grille in the schedule of works to ensure compatible products are purchased and installed.  Use the NBS Source specification available on each product page.  NBS Source specifications contain valuable information for the supply chain and help ensure a successful and effective system.

Rytons 110mm x 54mm and 100mm Dia. (4″)
Ducts, Connectors and Grilles

Rytons 204mm x 60mm and 125mm Dia. (5″)
Ducts, Connectors and Grilles

Rytons 220mm x 90mm and 150mm Dia. (6″)
Ducts, Connectors and Grilles

Rytons A1® fire-rated metal ducting …

Satisfy the requirements for non-combustible ducting kits in the external walls of high-rise buildings and higher-risk buildings with Rytons A1® Fire-rated Range of metal HVAC supply and extract ducting.  Available in ducting sizes 110mm x 54mm, 204mm x 60mm and 220mm x 90mm plus 100mm diameter, 125mm diameter and 150mm diameter, there are designs for new build and refurbishment projects.

For the external walls of residential buildings above 11m high and 11m or below within 1m of the relevant boundary, Rytons A1® Fire-rated range has a wide range of metal air bricks and grilles to pair with plastic ducting to satisfy fire safety requirements.

Are you up-to-date with current fire safety regulations?  Find a brief outline from Approved Document B in our blog post.

Should you have any queries or require further information regarding Rytons RytDuct Range or Rytons A1® Fire-rated Range, please do not hesitate to call our technical sales office on 01536 511874 or email

Rytons is proud to be a family run business and British manufacturer since 1972
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