November 22, 2023

Temporary Site Protection for Cavity Weeps and Vents

Protect Rytons cavity weep hole ducts and cavity ventilators from the entry of dust, debris and render during construction with Rytons DamRyt range of temporary site protection units.

Rytons DAMWEEP protects the weep outlet of Rytons Rytweep® while Rytons DAMSLIMVENT protects the vent/weep opening of Rytons Slim Vent® Minor SVMIN and Flyscreened Slim Vent® Minor SVFMIN.

As general temporary protection materials for sites and buildings, Rytons DAMWEEP and DAMSLIMVENT units keep Rytons Rytweep® cavity weep hole duct and Rytons Slim Vent® Minor brick vents clear and clean from dust and debris while the site is under construction.

For buildings due for rendering, fitted DamRyt units prevent the cavity outlets from becoming blocked, alleviating the time-consuming task of finding the mortar weeps/vents and cleaning them out after rendering.

In properties at risk of flooding, the DAMWEEP or DAMSLIMVENT can be fitted into the Rytweep® and Slim Vent® Minor as part of flood alert preparations.  These preventative measures can help reduce flood water damage by restricting entry points through the cavity.

Rytons DAMWEEP and DAMSLIMVENT are quickly and easily fitted without fixing tools.  A flange aids in correct positioning and prevents seepage into the cavity.  Made from durable material, the units are reusable – simply wash them after use for use time and time again.

For further information or to discuss your cavity weep and venting requirements, call our technical sales team on 01536 511874 or email

Rytons is proud to be a family run business and British manufacturer since 1972
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