AC5LP – Rytons 125mm AirCore® LookRyt® Louvre Panel

General Details

AC5LP – Rytons 125mm AirCore LookRyt Louvre Panel

  • Fixed open internal louvre panel for boiler, stove and fire ventilation.
  • Face plate may be painted or wallpapered to match room décor.
  • Unique LookRyt grille design disperses air evenly into the room.
  • Connects to Rytons 125mm AirCore Tubes AC10TUBE and AC7TUBE.
  • Fixing screws available (AC-SCREWPACK).
  • Patent No. GB 2490138.

Free Area:

  • 12,000mm² (120cm²) per unit.


  • 172mm L x 172mm H with a 122mm Dia. male spigot.


  • Magnolia (may be painted or wallpapered to match décor).


  • High impact styrene.


  • Align and screw the LookRyt backplate to the wall through the corner fixing points. When happy with the positioning of the backplate, push fit the face plate on to finish. Paint or wallpaper the face plate to match the room décor.

Handling Information:

  • Weight: 0.113kg.

NBS Specification: