R5000 – Rytons Window Trickle Ventilator (497mm L)

General Details

R5000 – Rytons Window Trickle Ventilator (497mm L)

  • Two-piece window frame ventilator for habitable rooms and wet rooms.
  • Allows the introduction of fresh outside air into the room to disperse moisture, odours and other airborne pollutants.
  • Quickly and easily fitted by surface mounting over a milled out slot in the window frame.
  • Use with PVCu, timber or aluminium windows and fit on the sash, frame or overhead section.
  • Internal vent easily adjusted giving the occupier full control over the amount of ventilation provided to the room.
  • A curved shape gives a pleasing appearance by reducing the profile.
  • U.V. stabilised to slow down the effects of sunlight.

Equivalent Area:

  • 5,000mm² (50cm²) per set.


  • Internal vent: 497mm L x 30mm H x 20-27mm D from closed to open position (overall).
  • External canopy: 497mm L x 18mm H x 32.5mm D (overall).


  • White: R5000WH.
  • Brown: R5000BR.


  • Air leakage: 4.57 m³/hr @ 50Pa.
  • Sound reduction: 32 (-1;0) dB Dn,e,w open, 35 (0;0) dB Dn,e,w closed.


  • Internal vent: U.V. stabilised PBTP and POM.
  • External canopy: U.V. stabilised PVCu.


  • For slot measurements see our image gallery above.  Accurately mill out two slots and pre-drill fixing holes in the head of the window to the size and spacing directed.  Fix the external canopy using the screws provided and attach screw covers.  For improved weathering apply a run of silicone sealant across the top of the external canopy where it joins the window frame.  Fix the internal vent (with the finger grip on the right) using the screws provided and attach screw covers.  For improved weathering apply a run of silicone sealant along the canopy sealant groove and when necessary on the underside of the ventilator.

Reference Material:

  • The Building Regulations Approved Document F, 2010 edition incorporating 2013 amendments.
  • The Building Regulations Approved Document F, 2021 edition.  This approved document takes effect on 15 June 2022 for use in England and 23 November 2022 for use in Wales.  It does not apply to work subject to a building notice, full plans application or initial notice submitted before that date, provided the work is started on site before 15 June 2023 in England or 23 November 2023 in Wales.
  • The Building (Scotland) Regulations, Mandatory Standard 3.14.
  • Building Regulations (Northern Ireland), Technical Booklet K.
  • For Ireland’s National Retrofitting Scheme, NSAI SR54: Code of practice for the energy efficient retrofit of dwellings.
  • Building Regulations Ireland, Technical Guidance Document F: Ventilation.
  • British Standard BS 5250.

Handling Information:

  • Weight: 184gms each.

Rytons is proud to be a family run business and British manufacturer since 1972

Acoustic Test Report

Acoustic Test Report Rytons Window Trickle Ventilator R5000

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