RD4EB – Rytons 90° Elbow Bend (110mm x 54mm / 100mm Dia. Range)

General Details

RD4EB – Rytons 90° Elbow Bend (110mm x 54mm / 100mm Dia. Range)

  • Connects 110mm x 54mm rectangular ducting to 100mm dia. rigid pipe with a 90° bend.
  • Use with Female Threaded Hose Connector RD4HCF to connect 100mm dia. flexible RytHose range.
  • Female component with male spigot.
  • For applications requiring lower extraction rates such as bathrooms, WCs and utility rooms.
  • Suitable for use with fans with a maximum output of 250m³ per hour.
  • Operating temperature range -15ºC to 60ºC.
  • Meets UL94 HB flammability standard.


  • Female component with male spigot 99mm Ext. Dia. x 20mm D.

Compatible Components:

  • Rytons Flat Channel Duct 1m L RD41M.
  • Rytons Flat Channel Duct 2m L RD42M.
  • Rytons Rigid Pipe 358mm L RD435RND.
  • Rytons Rigid Pipe 1m L RD41RND.
  • Rytons Rigid Pipe 1.5m L RD415RND.
  • Rytons Rigid Pipe 2m L RD42RND.
  • Rytons Threaded Hose Connector Female RD4HCF.
  • Rytons PVC 100mm Diameter RytHose Range.
  • Rytons Fire Resistant RytHose 100mm Dia. FAD410M.

Free Area:

  • 5,424mm² (54.24cm²) per unit.

Minimum/Maximum Operating Temperatures:

  • -15ºC to 60ºC.

Pressure Loss:

  • 8 l/s: 3.00 pa.
  • 13 l/s: 6.50 pa.
  • 21 l/s: 19.00 pa.
  • 30 l/s: 32.20 pa.
  • 60 l/s: 136.40 pa.
  • 120 l/s: 554.00 pa.


  • White polypropylene.
  • Manufactured in compliance with Domestic Plastic Ductwork Specification DW/154.
  • Meets UL94 HB flammability standard.


  • High quality plastic.

Handling Information:

  • Individual weight: 100g.

NBS Specification:

Rytons is proud to be a family run business and British manufacturer since 1972.

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