RD41M – Rytons Flat Channel Duct 1m L (110mm x 54mm Range)

General Details

RD41M – Rytons Flat Channel Duct 1m L (110mm x 54mm Range)

  • 110mm x 54mm rectangular ducting 1m long.
  • Male component.  Part of Rytons 100mm (110mm x 54mm) RytDuct® Range.
  • For applications requiring lower extraction rates such as bathrooms, WCs and utility rooms.
  • Suitable for use with fans with a maximum output of 250m³ per hour.
  • Operating temperature range -15ºC to 60ºC.
  • Will meet UL94 HB flammability standard.


  • 110mm W x 54mm H (overall external) x 1m L.
  • 2m lengths also available RD42M.

Compatible Components:

  • Bends and Connectors:
  • Rytons Rectangular Wall Plate RD4WP.
  • Rytons Short Round to Rectangular Adaptor Male RD4SFR.
  • Rytons Flat Channel Horizontal Adaptor RD4FR.
  • Rytons 90° Elbow Connector RD4EC.
  • Rytons 90° Elbow Bend RD4EB.
  • Rytons Flat Channel T Piece RD4TFLAT.
  • Rytons 90° Horizontal Bend RD4H90.
  • Rytons 90° Vertical Bend RD4V90.
  • Rytons Flat Channel Connector RD4C.
  • Rytons Galvanised Banding (12mm W x 10m L) BANDGALV.
  • Rytons Flat Channel Duct Clip RD4CLIP.
  • External Grilles:
  • Rytons Multifix® Air Brick with Flat Channel Ducting Adaptor RD4MFAB.

Free Area:

  • 5,424mm² (54.24cm²) per unit.

Minimum/Maximum Operating Temperatures:

  • -15ºC to 60ºC.

Pressure Loss:

  • 8 l/s: 0.20 pa.
  • 13 l/s: 1.80 pa.
  • 21 l/s: 4.80 pa.
  • 30 l/s: 8.56 pa.
  • 60 l/s: 33.10 pa.
  • 120 l/s: 128.05 pa.


  • White uPVC.
  • Manufactured in compliance with Domestic Plastic Ductwork Specification DW/154.
  • Will meet UL94 HB flammability standard.

Handling Information:

  • Box quantity: 20 lengths.
  • Individual weight: 74g.

NBS Specification: