TAL4CWL – Rytons 9×3 Cowled Acoustic AirLiner® Set with Flush Louvre Ventilator

39 dB (Dn,e,w)
5,800mm² (58cm²) Equivalent Area

General Details

TAL4CWL – Rytons 9×3 Cowled Acoustic AirLiner® Set with Flush Louvre Ventilator

  • Telescopic cavity liner set with external cowl for ventilating boilers, stoves and fires.
  • Use in noisy areas to reduce the amount of noise entering the building for a more peaceful environment.
  • Contains an internal baffle to reduce light and draughts.
  • Cowl protects against excessive weather conditions and alleviates air blasts.
  • Finished with a fixed open flush fitting louvre ventilator internally.
  • External water baffles prevent the transfer of water across the cavity.
  • Cowl, air brick and louvre grille U.V. stabilised to slow down the effects of sunlight.
  • HETAS approved for use with solid fuel appliances.
  • Please note: This item is a plastic component and therefore is not suitable for use within a) the external walls of buildings more than 11m high where people sleep on the premises (residential, institutional or hospitality) or b) external wall surfaces within 1m of the boundary if the building is 11m high or less, in England.  Contact our technical sales office on 01536 511874 about a compliant alternative using Rytons A1 Fire-rated Bespoke Metal Service.

Sound Reduction & Equivalent Area:

  • Sound reduced by 39 dB (Dn,e,w) (tested by BRE Acoustics).
  • 5,800mm² (58cm²) equivalent area (tested to BS EN 13141-1:2004 and independently verified by the BRE).


  • Cowl: 255mm L x 96mm H x 44mm D.
  • Acoustic AirLiner®: 220mm W x 71mm H, extends from 250mm to 368mm L (includes air brick) (see image gallery).
  • Louvre grille: 270mm L x 97mm H.


  • Terracotta: TAL4TCCWL.
  • Buff/Sand: TAL4BSCWL.
  • White louvre grille.
  • Bespoke colour matching service available.  Call our sales office on 01536 511874 or email admin@rytons.com for details and pricing.


  • Cowl and louvre grille: U.V. stabilised high impact polystyrene.
  • Multifix® Air Brick: U.V. stabilised polypropylene.
  • Acoustic AirLiner®: Polypropylene containing sound absorbent foam panels.
  • Acoustic AirLiner® contains recycled plastic.
  • Foam fire performance: DIN 4102 B1; UL94 94 V-0 & 94 HF-1; NFP 92-501 M1; FAR 25.853 (a) Pass; ASTM E 662-83 Pass; ATS 1000.001 Pass; Building Regulations Class ‘0’.


  • No special fixing required. Build in the cavity liner with fitted air brick as work proceeds. Extend the telescopic sleeve as necessary. Fasten the cowl to the brickwork. Fasten the louvre ventilator internally.

Reference Material:

  • Measurement of airborne sound insulation was made in accordance with BS EN 20140-10: 1992.
  • Single number quantities were calculated in accordance with BS EN ISO 717-1:1997.
  • Equivalent area tested to BS EN 13141-1:2004 and independently verified by the BRE.

Handling Information:

  • Box quantity: 1 set.
  • Box size: 32cm W x 10.5cm H x 29cm D.
  • Box weight: 0.67kg.

Questions & Answers:

  • Will the vent reduce sound from inside to outside as well as from outside to inside? The BRE has advised us that it’s reasonable to assume that ‘reciprocity’ applies to the vents. That is, the third octave values for sound reduction index are the same in both directions (out to in and in to out).

NBS Specification:


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BRE Test Report


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