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Rytons A1® Range Updated for New Building Safety Bill

There’s a dramatic new look to Rytons A1® Fire-rated Range on our website at www.vents.co.uk.  Not only are there new images and special effects, but also new product categories and new product launches - take a look! With the Building Safety Bill now law in England, there is a new requirement for non-combustible products in [...]
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Rytons Rytweep®: Plastic vs. A1 Fire-rated

Weep hole ducts are a staple requirement of any brick build, from houses to multi-storey apartment projects.  Every year millions of Rytons concealed Rytweep® are used by house builders, bricklayers and contractors nationwide, making them an industry favourite.  But with ALL plastic weeps banned from use in relevant multi-storey buildings 18m high or more (11m [...]
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