Rytons A1® Fire-rated Metal Rytweep® (Fire-rated Cavity Weep)

General Details

Features and Benefits:

  • Concealed cavity weep hole duct diecast in A1 fire-rated metal and protected by a two-part electroplated coating.
  • A pre-formed component long established as an effective method of allowing the cavity to drain freely without obstruction.
  • Quick and easy to position as work proceeds and virtually invisible within the mortar joint so not to detract from the appearance of the brickwork.
  • Acclaimed tapered design restricts the entry of wind-driven rain to prevent staining, meeting NHBC Standards and maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the building.
  • Custom RAL colour tip and overspray available in matt, semi-gloss or gloss finish achieving Class A2-s1, d0.
  • Patent Approved GB2588834.
  • Registered Design 6078064.


  • 101mm L x 66mm H x 10mm W.


  • Self-colour.
  • Tip and overspray fire-rated RAL colour powder coating available for an additional charge.


  • Electroplated ZL5 zinc – see specification sheets for details.
  • Fire-rated RAL colour powder coating to Class A2-s1, d0.

A1 Fire Classification Explained:

  • Rytons A1® Fire-rated Metal Rytweep® is made from ZL5 zinc.  Zinc is considered fire class A1 without testing, as per European Commission paper 96/603/EC referred to in BS EN 13501-1:2018.  The material is not compromised at a temperature of 800°C, as required by the Building Regulations Approved Document B.  Classification: A1.  Definition: Non-combustible.  Description: No contribution to fire.


Rytons A1® Fire-rated Metal Rytweep® (Fire-rated Cavity Weep)
A1 fire-rated concealed cavity weep hole duct.
Ensures the cavity can drain freely without obstruction.
Custom RAL colour tip and overspray available in matt, semi-gloss or gloss finish achieving Class A2-s1, d0.
Patent Approved GB2588834.
Registered Design 6078064.
Product Code: RYTWEA1METAL.

NBS Specification Paragraph:

Reference Material – General:

  • NHBC Standards 6.1.17.  Where fairfaced masonry is supported by lintels weep holes should be provided at a maximum of 450mm intervals and each opening should have at least two weep holes.
  • NHBC Standards 6.11.7c.  Rendering shall be detailed to ensure appropriate weathertightness and durability.  Issues to be taken into account include … c) weepholes.  Weepholes should be provided: „„where required for ventilation to timber frame construction; „„to the last tray at stepped abutments; „„in severe or very severe exposure zones where rendering is returned back into the window or door head (weepholes are not required where the render is not returned); „to cavity trays on parapet walls.
  • The Building Regulations, Approved Document C, Internal and external walls (moisture from the ground) 5.5 (b) If the wall is an external wall, the damp-proof course should be at least 150mm above the level of the adjoining ground. 5.5 (c) If the wall is an external cavity wall provide weep holes every 900mm to assist in the transfer of moisture through the external leaf.  Where the damp-proof tray does not extend the full length of the exposed wall, i.e. above an opening, stop ends and at least two weep holes should be provided.
  • British Standards BS 8215.

Reference Material – Fire Safety:

  • Building Regulation 7(2) – Ban of combustible materials in the external wall of buildings.
  • Building Regulation Approved Document B (fire safety).
  • Building standards Scotland technical handbook – domestic (2.7).


  • Installation is fast and easy as work proceeds with the Rytweep® replacing a vertical mortar joint.  Ensure the tapered end with the circular outlet is facing the outside and is flush with the external face.  Position the bottom of the Rytweep® on the mortar bed against the brick/block.  Postion the next brick alongside the installed Rytweep® and mortar in until only the small weep outlet is visible (ensuring the outlet does not become blocked).  Space every fourth brick to drain cavities above and below the dpc, and above lintels and cavity trays.  At least two weep holes should be provided over an opening, i.e. lintel.

Handling Information:

  • 50 per box.
  • Box size: 28cm W x 11cm H x 14.5cm D.
  • Box weight: 3kg.

Rytons is proud to be a family run business and British manufacturer since 1972