RD6GG – Rytons Gravity Grille (150mm Dia. Range)

General Details

RD6GG – Rytons Gravity Grille (150mm Dia. Range)

  • Low profile gravity grille with spigot for 150mm dia. rigid pipe and flexible ducting.
  • Gravity flaps open when appliance is in operation.
  • Connects to Rigid Pipe RD636RND and suits 150mm dia. RytHose range (or use RD6HC).
  • Use RD6CONN and RD6FR to connect to Flat Channel Duct RD61M.
  • Part of Rytons 150mm (220mm x 90mm) RytDuct® Range.
  • Suitable for operating temperatures -15ºC to 60ºC.
  • PLEASE NOTE: This item is a plastic component and therefore not suitable for use within the external walls of high-rise buildings requiring non-combustible materials, i.e. those 18m high or more complying to Regulation 7(2) and Approved Document B, and those 11m high or more complying to 2.7 of Building (Scotland) technical handbook 2019.  For compliant alternatives, which includes our tailor-made design service, see Rytons A1 Fire-rated Ventilation Range.

Compatible Components:

  • Rytons Rigid Pipe 360mm L RD636RND.
  • Rytons PVC 150mm Diameter RytHose Range.
  • Rytons Fire Resistant RytHose 150mm Dia. FAD610M.
  • Rytons Semi Rigid Aluminium RytHose 152mm Dia. FSRA61.5M.


  • 183mm L x 183mm H x 16.5mm D with 150mm Dia. male spigot.  See image gallery above.

Free Area:

  • 16,000mm² (160cm²) per unit.


  • Brown (RAL8017): RD6GGBR (bagged RD6GGBRBG).
  • White (RAL9010): RD6GGWH (bagged RD6GGWHBG).
  • Terracotta (RAL2001) to order.
  • Buff/Sand (RAL1001) to order.

Static Pressure Drops in Pascals (Pa):

  • 8 l/s: 6.00.
  • 13 l/s: 6.70.
  • 21 l/s: 7.50.
  • 30 l/s: 8.56.
  • 60 l/s: 11.10.
  • 120 l/s: 14.07.


  • High impact polypropylene.
  • Manufactured in compliance with Domestic Plastic Ductwork Specification DW/154.
  • Meets UL94 HB flammability standard.

Handling Information:

  • Weight: 130gms.

NBS Specification: