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UPDATE: Weep Hole Duct Regulations Have Changed

Make Sure You Know the Rytweep® for the Job For fire safety, components used in the external walls of buildings with a storey 18m high or more (11m in Scotland) must now be non-combustible – this includes weep hole ducts. For England and Wales, this change is applied through the 2018 updates to Building Regulation [...]
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How to ensure compliant ventilation in Scotland’s high-rise buildings

Following the tragic Grenfell Tower fire, a review of fire safety in multi-storey buildings in Scotland was undertaken by the Ministerial Working Group.  Recommendations in the review resulted in updates to the Building Standards Technical Handbooks in 2019. From October 2019, the Technical Handbooks specify external wall systems on all hospitals and care homes of [...]
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Rytons Rytweep®: Plastic vs. A1 Fire-rated

Weep hole ducts are a staple requirement of any brick build, from houses to multi-storey apartment projects.  Every year millions of Rytons concealed Rytweep® are used by house builders, bricklayers and contractors nationwide, making them an industry favourite.  But with ALL plastic weeps banned from use in relevant multi-storey buildings 18m high or more (11m [...]
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