September 10, 2021

How to ensure compliant ventilation in Scotland’s high-rise buildings

Following the tragic Grenfell Tower fire, a review of fire safety in multi-storey buildings in Scotland was undertaken by the Ministerial Working Group.  Recommendations in the review resulted in updates to the Building Standards Technical Handbooks in 2019.

From October 2019, the Technical Handbooks specify external wall systems on all hospitals and care homes of any height and other residential buildings with a storey more than 11m above the adjoining ground to be constructed of products achieving European Classification A1 or A2.

External wall systems are commonly composite panels, brick slips, timber, masonry, tile, stone etc.  They also include:

  • external grilles
  • air bricks
  • MVHR and extract ducting
  • cavity weep hole ducts

To satisfy the industry’s requirement for non-combustible grilles and ducting, use Rytons A1® fire-rated range.  Compatible with the most widely use MVHR systems and extract ducting, there is an extensive choice available for a wide range of projects, such as:

  • AMC cladding removal
  • new build multi-storey developments, e.g., apartment blocks and student accommodation
  • the re-development of commercial buildings, e.g., old factories, into multi-storey residential buildings

Choose from four rectangular ranges and three circular ranges.

Each rectangular range comprises five ducting kit styles, and each circular range has a choice of a round or rectangular ducting connector.

Straight ducting kit with internal ducting connector

90° refurb balcony kit to cover in-situ plastic ducting

Refurbishment kit to cover in-situ plastic ducting

S shape kit for off-set window head and ceiling voids

90° balcony ducting kit with internal ducting connector

100mm, 125mm, 150mm dia. with round or rectangular ducting connector

Each ducting kit is hand-made to order and tailored to the exact requirements of the building.  Size, length, style and RAL colour are fully customisable to aid efficient installation, trouble-free commissioning and maintain the aesthetic appearance.

No on-site assembly is required.  Each kit is supplied with the ducting sleeve factory fixed to the plenum adaptor ready for installation.  There is no screw fixing needed, no sealing or drying time required, saving time, labour, and ensuring correct assembly and airtight joints throughout.

Unique buildings and complex refurbishments often call for bespoke ducting kits.  Here you can use Rytons A1® Special service to discuss the design and fabrication of unique ducting kits such as those pictured here.

Rytons A1® range also includes a non-combustible metal Rytweep® cavity weep hole duct, non-combustible metal air bricks, non-combustible metal sub-floor ventilator and non-combustible metal party wall sleeves.

Rytons A1® Fire-rated Metal Rytweep® (Fire-rated Cavity Weep)

Rytons A1® Fire-rated Metal Single Air Bricks

Rytons A1® Fire-rated Metal Double Air Bricks

Rytons A1® Fire-rated Metal Triple Air Bricks

Rytons A1® Fire-rated Periscope® Underfloor Ventilator

Rytons A1® Fire-rated 9×3 AirLiner®

Rytons A1® Fire-rated 9×6 AirLiner®

Rytons A1® Fire-rated 9×9 AirLiner®

For further information on Rytons A1® range visit our website at  There you will find:

• product pages for each range
• specification paragraphs and NBS Source links
• product images
• dimensional drawings
• online quote request forms
• pressure loss data
• material specification sheets
• corrosion statement
• A1 Special page with image gallery

Alternatively, email or call 01536 511874.

Useful Information:

  • A1 classification: Non-combustible, makes no contribution to fire.
  • A2 classification: Non-combustible (Scotland), will not significantly contribute to fire load and fire growth.
  • A2-s1, d0 classification: No propagation to fire but may generate some heat in the process of burning.  No release of particles from the burning surface.
  • Building Standards Scotland 2.7.
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