RD61MFAB2 – Rytons Double Air Brick Adaptor (220mm x 90mm Range)

General Details

RD61MFAB2 – Rytons Double Air Brick Adaptor (220mm x 90mm Range)

  • A specially designed adaptor to connect Rytons ‘9×6’ Multifix® Air Brick to 220mm x 90mm Flat Channel Ducting.
  • Male component.
  • Note: Not suitable for use in relevant buildings with a storey 18m or more above ground level, where fire-rated materials are a requirement.  Use Rytons A1 fire-rated single air brick and double air brick ventilators and ducting kits as an alternative.
  • Choose from Rytons range of Multifix Air Bricks in seven colours, or use our Tailor-made service for bespoke air brick colours, to maintain the external aesthetic appearance.
  • For use with extract and Mechanical Heat Recovery systems.
  • Suitable for operating temperatures -15ºC to 60ºC.
  • Part of Rytons 150mm (220mm x 90mm) RytDuct® Range.


  • 220mm L x 139mm H overall ext. with 210mm L x 86mm H overall ext. male connector.

Compatible Components:

  • Rytons ‘9×6’ Multifix Air Brick MFAB96.
  • Rytons Multifix Air Brick MFAB (x2 configured as a 9×6 unit).
  • Rytons Flat Channel Duct 1m L RD61M.

Free Area:

  • Rytons ‘9×6’ Multifix Air Brick gives a free area of 15,185mm² (151.85cm²).


High quality plastic.

NBS Plus Specification: