RD51MFAB2 – Rytons Double Air Brick Adaptor (204mm x 60mm Range)

General Details

RD51MFAB2 – Rytons Double Air Brick Adaptor (204mm x 60mm Range)

  • A specially designed adaptor to connect Rytons ‘9×6’ Multifix® Air Brick to 204mm x 60mm Flat Channel Ducting.
  • Use in conjunction with Rytons Multifix Air Brick for a high air flow with low pressure drop performance.
  • Female component.
  • Choose from Rytons range of Multifix Air Bricks in seven colours, or use our Tailor-made service for bespoke air brick colours, to maintain the external aesthetic appearance.
  • Suitable for use with MVHR systems.
  • May also be used in conjunction with cooker hoods and extraction fans with a maximum output of 500m³ per hour.
  • Suitable for working temperatures -20ºC to 60ºC.
  • Part of Rytons 125mm (204mm x 60mm) RytDuct® Range.
  • PLEASE NOTE: This item is a plastic component and therefore not suitable for use within the external walls of high-rise buildings requiring non-combustible materials, i.e. those 18m high or more complying to Regulation 7(2) and Approved Document B, and those 11m high or more complying to 2.7 of Building (Scotland) technical handbook 2019.  For compliant alternatives, which includes our tailor-made design service, see Rytons A1 Fire-rated Ventilation Range.


  • 220mm L x 139mm H overall ext. with 209mm L x 64mm H overall ext. female connector.

Compatible Components:

  • Rytons ‘9×6’ Multifix Air Brick MFAB96.
  • Rytons Multifix Air Brick MFAB (x2 configured as a 9×6 unit).
  • Rytons Flat Channel Duct 1m L RD51M.

Free Area:

  • Rytons ‘9×6’ Multifix Air Brick gives a free area of 15,185mm² (151.85cm²).


  • High quality plastic.

NBS Specification:

Pressure Loss Data