HADAP100 – Rytons Horizontal Adaptor (101mm Dia. Spigot)

General Details

HADAP100 – Rytons Horizontal Adaptor (101mm Dia. Spigot)

  • Allows a connection from Rytons Periscope® Underfloor Ventilator PUFV to rigid ducting e.g. soil pipe for ventilation to isolated floor areas.
  • May also be used as a connection from Rytons 9×3 Non-Telescopic AirLiner® TCL8LNR to flexible or rigid ducting.


  • 215mm L x 67mm H x 49mm D (excluding tube connector) with a 101mm Dia. male spigot (see image gallery above).
  • CAD drawing available by email.

Free Area:

  • 5,980mm² (59.8cm²) per unit.


  • Black.


  • Polypropylene.

Handling Information:

  • Box quantity: 12 number.
  • Box size: 35cm W x 26cm H x 23cm D.
  • Box weight: 0.9kg.

Reference Material:

  • The Building Regulations, Approved Document C states any pipes needed to carry ventilating air to underfloor void areas should have a diameter of at least 100mm.

NBS Specification: