FDUCT53M – Rytons PVC RytHose 125mm Dia. x 3m L

General Details

FDUCT53M – Rytons PVC RytHose 125mm Dia. x 3m L

  • Fire-retardant, multi-purpose flexible ducting for low pressure venting.
  • Easily fitted to external grilles and round connectors.
  • May be used in conjunction with tumble dryers and domestic fans for bathroom and kitchen ventilation.
  • Not suitable for commercial ventilation applications.
  • Operating temperatures -15ºC to 60ºC.


  • 133mm Dia. x 3m L.
  • 6m length also available.

Compatible Components:

Free Area:

  • 12,669mm² (126.69cm²) per unit.


  • White.


  • Fire-retardant PVC supported by and covering a wire helix.
  • Lifespan: In normal static use, within the specified temperature range, this flexible ducting can be expected to last approximately 10 years.

Operating Temperature Range:

  • -15ºC to 60ºC.


  • Fully extend ducting and cut to length using a sharp knife and pliers.

Reference Material:

  • The Building Regulations F1 2021, Installation of ventilation systems:
  • 1.76: Rigid ducts should be used wherever possible.
  • 1.77: Flexible ductwork, where installed, should meet all of the following conditions.
    • a. Only used for final connections.
    • b. Lengths should be a maximum of 1.5m.
    • c. Meet the standards of BSRIA’s BG 43/2013.
  • 1.78: Any flexible ducts should be installed so that the full internal diameter is maintained and flow resistance is minimised. This is achieved by taking both of the following actions.
    • a. Pulling the duct taut.
    • b. Ensuring that ductwork does not pass through orifices with a smaller diameter than the duct itself.
  • 1.79: Ductwork installations should be designed and installed to minimise the overall pressure losses within the system by taking all of the following steps.
    • a. Minimising the overall length of duct.
    • b. Minimising the number of bends required.
    • c. Installing appropriately sized ducts for the air flow rate.
  • Note: This approved document takes effect on 15 June 2022 for use in England.  It does not apply to work subject to a building notice, full plans application or initial notice submitted before that date, provided the work is started on site before 15 June 2023.
  • Rytons RytHose meets the requirements of BSRIA BG 43/2013.

Rytons is proud to be a family run business and British manufacturer since 1972

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