MFAB – Rytons Multifix® Air Brick

General Details

MFAB – Rytons Multifix Air Brick

  • Robust interlocking air brick.
  • One size can form a unit 9×6, 9×9 etc.
  • Textured finish maintains aesthetic appearance.
  • Use with Rytons Periscope® Underfloor Ventilator PUFV and AirLiner® cavity liners 9×3, 9×6 and 9×9.
  • U.V. stabilised to slow down the effects of sunlight.


  • 215mm L x 66mm H x 58mm D (see image gallery above).
  • CAD drawing available by email.

Free Area:

  • 7,750mm² (77.5cm²) per unit.


  • Terracotta: MFABTC.
  • Buff/Sand: MFABBS.
  • Blue/Black: MFABBB.
  • Grey: MFABGR.
  • White: MFABWH.
  • Brown: MFABDB.
  • Black: MFABBL.


  • U.V. stabilised polypropylene.


  • No special fixing required.  Installation is fast and easy with Rytons Multifix Air Brick replacing a standard brick.  Place at high and low levels.  Vertically stagger above and below horizontal fire stops.

Handling Information:

  • Box quantity: 20 number.
  • Box size: 35cm W x 26cm H x 23cm D.
  • Box weight: 2kg.

Reference Material:

  • British Standard BS 493 recommends that for a louvre design air brick the size and shape of the apertures shall be such that a steel ball of 9.5mm nominal diameter shall not pass through.

NBS Plus Specification: